Registration to the CNA workgroups is limited to members having paid their CNA subscription and actively contributing to the collective work. To apply, please fill in the following form.

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WorkGroup 1: Technical Specifications
Active Contributor
Active Reader
WP1.1 Revision 3 reader and application
WP2.1 SAM Specifications
WP2.3 Calypso Key Management
WP3.1 Generic application download
WP5.1 Certification Process
WP5.3 Portable Objects Certification
WP7 V3.0 Update
WP10 Calypso new security architecture
WP11 Triangle 2
WP12 Calypso Range of Products
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About the registration

The different roles are explained below:
- Active Contributor: your company or yourself makes the commitment to participate in the planed WP meetings (roughly once a month) and to actively contribute to the WP’s delivery writing.
- Active Reader: your company or yourself makes the commitment to follow through the WP’s delivery writing, contributing to its progress.
WP Roadmap
All members work on the WP’s delivery. Once the final document is ready and agreed by all members, the document is submitted to the CNA Board.
Once a WP’s delivery is validated by the Board, it is available in the files repository, under the “validated documents” section.
Readers working on projects taking the document as an input can still raise comments and remarks in case of doubts or errors.
These comments may lead to an amendments list added to the document, prior to a new release.